Valentine Gift Ideas is part of a mini-series with thoughts, tips and suggestions on the art of gift giving. What to get her? What to do? It’s all about creating a little romance.

Choose something that will bring the two of you even closer. One that has a meaning and memories associated with it. A reminder, perhaps, of something you said or did together that made that moment magical.

Select something that is extraordinary and out of the ordinary. After all, you will want your wife, partner, soul mate, or significant other to feel loved and special. Giving gifts—and exchanging gifts—on this romantic occasion, is a day, or night, like no other. The ideal time to truly give from the heart!

“If you have much, give of your wealth; if you have little,

give of your heart.” Arab proverb.

Our Valentine gift ideas are all about creating a little romance and making her feel special


Below are a few topics you might want to consider for creating a little romance. And, don’t forget that surprise gifts are a sure way to melt her heart.

  • Get your message across clearly but tastefully without the need to put heart stickies all over the place.
  • Take an unusual vase, basket, or other reusable decorative container to your local florist and ask them to create a one-of-a-kind arrangement just for your loved one.
  • Whisk her away to a surprise location for an intimate dinner for two (think starry sky, violins, river cruise).
  • No matter what you decide, make sure you personalize your Valentine's Day gift and the way in which you give it. The experience says it all.
  • Write her a romantic note that tells the story behind how and why you chose to celebrate this day the way you did.

Tips and suggestions for researching valentine gift ideas
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A gesture as original as this may have a special meaning just for the two of you


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