News changes fast, so to keep UpToDate with happenings on our unique jewelry gifts and charities, just check out this page. Here we post breaking news about any topic relevant to our web site and, of course, that includes our unique handcrafted glass pendants. We have plenty to share. Choose what interests you. Then go read about it, and view some great images, too!       

Not only do we highlight new products and developments and best gift ideas concerning the exclusive dichroic glass pendants and fused glass jewelry we create, before they happen and as they happen, we have summaries of the latest news on many other themes of interest. All of these are tied in to our mission and the whole purpose behind why we’re here.

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We are committed to helping the charities we feature on our web site and, as a result, we hope to bring about even greater awareness through the information we share.

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Saving More Shelter Animals - Just One Day 2015. The results of this year’s Just One Day campaign to save healthy shelter animals from being needlessly killed and encourage citizens to adopt a pet. This is a yearly event organized by No Kill Advocacy Center and its partners.

Bethany Hamilton Baby Joy. On June 1st 2015, Bethany Hamilton and her husband welcomed their first child. Now she faces one of her greatest challenges…taking care of a newborn with only one arm.

Bethany Hamilton Gets Married. One of our featured celebrities that help make wishes come true, surfer Bethany lost an arm in a shark attack aged 13. Now she has found personal happiness.

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