As the NO KILL movement grows, more and more shelter animals are being saved and adopted every day. And, every year, on June 11, shelters across the USA become no kill shelters. They pledge not to kill a single, healthy, treatable companion animal that day, by holding an event known nationally as Just One Day.

Promo poster for “Just One Day” 2015

Promo poster for “Just One Day” 2015

And, if you’re wondering about the significance of June 11, well, this date celebrates the anniversary of the creation of the nation’s first NO KILL community, in Tompkins County, New York, exactly 14 years ago.


The 2015 campaign has proved that an increasing number of citizens care and are eager to set an example for others to follow. They agree that everything possible must be done to halt the killings and find loving homes for the estimated three million pets that will die in shelters this year.

Trying to save three million homeless animals may sound like a lot, but it is certainly not impossible. If Tompkins County, NY, could do it, so can every community in the USA and elsewhere, and many already are.

Just One Day promo video produced by Marc Claus and Debi Day


It is immensely encouraging to see that the efforts of No Kill Advocacy Center and partners No Kill Nation and No Kill Learning,  are resulting in more shelter animals being saved each year.   This time around, approximately 14,000 pets were adopted, 1,000 more than last year. This is because new organizations are joining Just One Day as well as the fact that those who have participated before are becoming more skilled at publicizing the campaign.



Putting his support behind this life-saving event, the Honorable Dennis Tyler, Mayor of the City of Muncie, In, signed a proclamation to officially declare June 11 No Kill Day for shelter animals.

“Just One Day” protects shelter animals
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Proclamation signed by the Mayor of the City of Muncie

Highly motivated, the staff at Muncie Animal Shelter announced to the public that their doors would open at exactly 12:00 a.m. on the 11th and remain open for 24 consecutive hours, or sooner, if they ran out of animals. Highly ambitious?

Highly successful! They didn’t have to stay open all that time as every single available pet was adopted well before midnight.

On their Facebook page, the staff wrote, “An empty shelter feels so good,” and posted photos of their facility.

The only animals that remained at the shelter were a few cats from stray holds that were available the following day. They even decided to extend their special symbolic adoption fee of $11 so that the City of Muncie could celebrate June 12 and call it Just One More Day.

Adopt a dog from a No Kill shelter

Deserted dog kennels

Adopt a cat from a No Kill shelter

Empty kitty cages

A shelter animal leaves the building

Happy Bronson takes his new toy with him to his new home!


As well as promoting adoptions at Sacramento County Animal Shelter, pet-owning residents were rewarded this past June 11. Until 4:00 pm they could get free vaccinations, microchips and license renewals.

Waiting to adopt a pet

Visitors patiently waiting in line to meet the shelter animals


Adoptions and services for just $11 is how the Humane Society of Fremont County Adoption Center was celebrating this year’s June 11th event, Just One Day.

Apart from adoption fees of $11 for their shelter animals, staff created extra buzz by adding low-cost services such as vaccinations and microchipping for $11 as well.

This adoption extravaganza also showcased dog-training demonstrations, animal face painting and BBQ catering.

At 7:00 am when the first visitors walked through the doors there were no empty cages but by 7:00 pm, more than half of the dogs, cats and rabbits were already enjoying a new happy life, full of promise. Way to go, Fremont!

No shelter animals will be killed here today
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The shelter staff is stoked and hoping for a record number of adoptions today

Citizens motivated to adopt a pet

Motivated adopters fill the shelter lobby

Many shelter animals were saved

Buffalo is resting up before riding off to his forever home!


The staff at Greater Birmingham Humane Society Auxiliary couldn’t be more thrilled. Their hard work paid off. The kennels are empty! All the shelter animals were saved and left the building alive!

No Kill shelter staff

The joy of saving lives

Adopt a pet and save a life

The adoption count grows and grows!


Kern County Animal Services received outstanding support throughout the day. They reported 26 adoptions in the first two hours, a number that grew to 80 animals that went to new homes with just one hour left before the shelter closed for the day.

In addition, one customer, determined to save as many pets as she could, paid for a total of 10 adoptions!

Adopt a dog and save a life

Finally, this little guy has a shoulder to lean on!


In honor of taking the Just One Day no kill pledge, Miami-Dade Animal Services waived adoption fees on all dogs and cats over the age of four months. Bravo!

Shelter animals deserve to live

Smiling and ready for the big day!


If a shelter can save all its adoptable animals one day, then there is absolutely no reason why it cannot continue to save day in and day out.

Every day, more private and municipal shelters are using the No Kill Equation tools developed by the No Kill Advocacy Center to help them achieve save rates of 90% or higher.

Shelter animals depend on us to be their voice. Let’s make the USA become the compassionate, nation-wide, No Kill community they deserve.


Please stay with us as we post more news. First up, very soon, we will be telling you all about a mid-August personal appearance by No Kill Advocacy Center founder, Nathan Winograd, in Greater Orlando, Florida. We will be there to give a first-hand report of what is sure to be an amazing, inspiring presentation. It will include a showing of the award-winning documentary “Redemption” and an over-view of how shelter staff and animal advocates can create no kill shelters in their communities and replicate the success story of Tompkins County, NY.

For an introduction to the No Kill movement and other related stories that affect companion animals, animal farming and much more, you are invited to visit our Help Animals page. And, click on Saving Homeless Pets to learn more about the Just One Day campaign.

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