A blaze of color and fun, these one-of-a-kind paw print pendants make simply the best gifts for dog owners! Hand crafted and available only from us, they are truly unique because each time one is made, the colors and decorative elements change. No two will ever look alike!

And, that’s exactly what we like about this very special collection of paw print jewelry created to help animals as it forms part of our fundraising efforts to support and expand the work being done by the non-profit organization No Kill Advocacy Center. They are leading the way in the area of shelter reform and providing the tools necessary to turn them from high kill to high save. In addition, they are helping to create much needed legislation to end cruelty to animals and animal abuse across the nation.


The sky blue fused glass background is always the same but the glass artist’s creativity is boundless when it comes to selecting shapes and colors for the superimposed relief elements.

The glass dog paw prints themselves cover the spectrum of dazzling reds, oranges and pinks, brilliant greens, purples and blues, mellow mustard and olive, and subdued chocolate and tan.
By adding flowers, berries, droplet clusters and spaghetti-like strips, piece by tiny piece and kiln-fired for a second time, the composition is complete.

The bail is silver-plated and all that’s needed is a silver chain to make a necklace which becomes a highly original, unique piece of wearable art! 


All of our glass paw print pendants are one-of-a-kind
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All of our glass paw print pendants are one-of-a-kind
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All of our glass paw print pendants are one-of-a-kind

Although on this particular page we show just three items from our Gift Catalog, please click the link to view the other color combinations currently available.

We are already working with our experienced and dedicated US-based fused glass artists to add more colorful and unusual designs to this category which you’ll be able to see in the next few months.

As a gift for a friend or loved one, or simply a token for yourself, when you give and wear you’ll be supporting No Kill Advocacy Center just as we so proudly do!


NOTE: All our pendants are hand-crafted and because no design can be replicated exactly, every one is considered a unique piece. Photograph closely resembles actual colors. Available on a first come, first served basis.

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