We are delighted to showcase our artisan crafted nature themed pendants that represent life on land and at sea. When you give the gift of nature, every one of our nature pendant designs benefits the Nature Conservancy.

Glass pendants that represent land and sea

Currently several glass artists are collaborating with us to add more pendants to this category and you’ll be able to see the finished items in the coming months.

Available only from us, here are two items from our Gift Catalog.


As you can guess from the name, the “Aspire” Vine Leaf Pendant represents the aspirations of all nature lovers to nurture plant life and let it thrive in a healthy environment.

This dimensional, lampwork pendant is made from highly durable and resistant borosilicate glass. It features shades of green and delicate swirls of blue, and is slightly v-shaped. And because it can be worn with either side showing, the irregular color pattern of the glass makes the “front” look slightly different to the “back.”

Have fun and wear it with a variety of different cords and ribbons to match an outfit or other accessories.

When you give and wear one of these glass pendants, you’ll be supporting the Nature Conservancy just as we so proudly do!

“Aspire” vine leaf glass pendant, one of our nature themed gifts
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"Aspire" Vine Leaf Pendant


Inspiration to let living things thrive in their natural surroundings, in this instance, pristine, unpolluted waters, lead to the creation of our “Inspire” Seashell Pendant.

A foamy and sandy mix of off-white, creamy-beige and aqua come together in this unique dimensional pendant, lampworked by an experienced glass artist. The borosilicate glass used here is known for its durable and resistant qualities.

The “front” and “back” look slightly different and the fun thing is that it can be worn with either side showing.

If you haven’t done so already, why not start a collection of seashell jewelry and create your very own pendant necklace. Have fun building a collection of cords and ribbons to add variety each time you wear it!

By giving and wearing one of our glass pendant nature themed gifts, you’ll be helping to contribute to the eco balance of our planet through the enrichment of our seas, lakes, rivers and oceans. And, you’ll be supporting the Nature Conservancy just as we so proudly do!

“Inspire” seashell glass pendant, one of our nature themed gifts
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"Inspire" Seashell Pendant


NOTE: Every glass pendant is hand-crafted and because no design can be replicated exactly, each one is considered a unique piece. Photograph closely resembles actual colors. Many of the pieces featured in our catalog are available on a first come, first served basis.

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