Every year, on June 11, homeless pets are honored when a pet shelter pledges not to kill a single healthy, treatable companion animal that day. At this event named Just One Day, attention focuses on saving all animals in shelter care, not just dogs and cats, through adoption.

Organizers No Kill Advocacy Center and its partners ask shelter staff across the nation to open their doors wide and invite the public to adopt their pets. And they are asked to put down their needles and pick up their cameras to demonstrate the heart-warming results. The results of their hard work and dedication and the delight of pets and their new owners who have all come together to make meaningful change.

Can you image the day, even if it is Just One Day a year, when all the shelters in the USA participated? Well, slowly but surely, it is starting to become a reality. Each year the momentum is growing and even more homeless pets are being saved.

Pet shelters pledge not to kill any homeless pets
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Poster created by No Kill Advocacy Center to promote Just One Day 2015


The encouraging response that NKAC, and its campaign partner, Animal Ark, received to the call to participate that year resulted in around 800 organizations making a serious commitment. Their sealed pledges were proof of their sincerity, they delivered, and roughly 9,000 animals were saved..

At a California shelter some 100 animals found homes. A Texas shelter placed 231 pets. Another shelter in Florida adopted out 116 animals. At another animal control facility the Director commented that at 10:00 am that day their parking lot was full. “I’ve never seen so many people come out here all at one time, in one day,” he said.

In Arizona 88 out of 100 dogs and 28 out of 30 cats had been adopted by 11:00 am. In another community they actually ran out of animals. Image that!


Approximately 1,200 organizations took part, a 50% increase over 2012, and more than 10,000 lives were saved, 12% more than the previous year. The Colorado Governor, John Hickenlooper, even signed a proclamation declaring June 11 a No Kill day throughout the entire State.

In Boone County, KY, and Roanoke, VA, rows of dog kennels and banks of cat cages were reported empty. Escambia County in Florida had their single best adoption day ever. In Louisiana’s Jefferson Parish 76 pets found a home; in San Antonio, TX, 117 animals were placed.


Just One Day Proclamation signed by Colorado's GovernorThe Governor of the State of Colorado declared June 11 2013 to be a No Kill day in support of the Just One Day initiative


With the participation of 1,300 organizations that pledged nationwide, in 50 states, a total of 13,000 pets were adopted on June 11, 2014. This gives a 30% increase over 2013. Now, can 2015 be even better? We’ll soon see!


These photos, courtesy of No Kill Advocacy Center, and their captions tell the story of what can be accomplished by joining forces…communities that are proud to do what is right and that have the power to influence others to share in a bigger, better, more compassionate future for homeless pets.

A family drives hours to adopt a shelter dogA family drove three hours each way to adopt from a shelter participating in Just One Day
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The smile of a dog going to a loving homeThe smile of a dog who has found a home with a loving family
A regressive shelter wanted to kill this kittenThis kitten was on the kill list at a shelter that refused to participate but was saved by a rescue group that did
No more concrete floors and hard beds for these pupsThese exhausted pups that were adopted together can now rest peacefully on a soft bed and not on a hard kennel floor
This rescue dog has a reason to danceBy far our favorite pic…this little guy dancing his way to a loving home!


For a summary of the 2015 campaign with photos that say it all, please go to Saving More Shelter Animals - Just One Day 2015.


In the coming months we will be adding pages to showcase more about Henry Bergh, Nathan Winograd, and topics such as feral cat programs and the Companion Animal Protection Act. For now we invite you to take a glimpse at another annual event, the No Kill Conference, and the impact that a growing number of passionate people are making so that more and more animals can live the life they deserve. Please click to view.


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Animal Ark, Minnesota’s largest no kill animal shelter, is located just outside the Twin Cities and it’s slogan is “rescue, rehabilitate, rehome.” Here, homeless, abandoned and abused pets receive comfort and care until they are adopted and are never put to sleep except if terminally ill and suffering, or pose a risk to human safety.

The dogs have spacious kennels and are taken outdoors at least three times a day while the felines are housed in large, open kitty apartments with an outdoor view, much like a private home.

This organization is also extending its efforts to help save the lives of an estimated 20,000 dogs and cats that are killed in shelters and pounds in the Twin Cities area each year.

Please visit to learn more.