Graduation Gift Ideas is part of a mini-series with tips and suggestions on the art of gift giving. Here’s how family and friends, and even fellow students, can make a shortlist of practical and fun, but highly suitable, grad gifts for her through thoughtful selection.

Finishing high school, college, university, graduate school or any other institution of further education, is reason to celebrate and reward the hard work, sacrifice and achievement with a great gift.

You now have the perfect opportunity to show her how proud you are. It took a great deal of dedication and determination to achieve such an important life goal. Her graduation marks the start of another journey…to learn a professional skill or to join the workforce. Steps up the ladder of success!

"Real generosity toward the future lies in giving all

to the present." Albert Camus, French novelist.

Tips and suggestions for researching graduation gift ideas
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Our graduation gift ideas help friends, family and fellow students make practical and fun choices


We hope the following thoughts will help you make your shortlist for graduates.

  • Basic determining factors are your relationship to the graduate, if the next phase in their life is study or work, if the gift is to be practical or entertaining, and the amount you want to spend.
  • Are you planning on a major expense, such as, a new car, a down payment on a mortgage, or a vacation abroad? Or something along the lines of dorm furniture, an electronic device or an item of clothing for school or the workplace?
  • A television, camera, kitchen appliances, luggage, jewelry and watches, as well as money, are great gifts for grads regardless of their next step in life.
  • From one grad to another, one of many really cool gift ideas is a digital photo frame that captures memories of people you met, places you visited, sports you played, parties you went to, and so on.
  • Whatever you decide, make it personal and, most importantly, show how much you really care.

Celebrate achieving this important goal and look forward to an exciting future ahead


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"Aspire" Vine Leaf glass pendant to benefit Nature Conservancy.

“Stars Bring Hope” glass star pendant, one of our gifts that inspire
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"Stars Bring Hope" glass pendant to benefit Make-a-Wish.

"Inspire" Seashell glass pendant to benefit Nature Conservancy.

"Teeny Pink" heart glass pendant to benefit American Heart Association.