Bethany Hamilton baby joy is the latest emotion this shark attack survivor is sharing with husband of two years, Adam Dirks. And now, in her mid-twenties, she is ready to take on the challenges of motherhood with only one arm.

A role model for so many, Bethany was determined to continue surfing despite losing her left arm in her early teens. She started competing professionally four years later and in 2010 was ranked 20th on the list of the world’s top women surfers.

But now she faces one of her greatest challenges…taking care of a newborn. However, in typical style, just as she motivates children with a life-threatening illness as part of her philanthropic work with Make A Wish Foundation, Bethany continues to astound by putting into practice yet again, exactly what she preaches.


Bethany Hamilton baby joyTobias shares the same name as his great grandfather
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Born on June 1st, Tobias, which means “The goodness of God,” weighed in at 7.9 lbs and measured 21 inches from head to toe. His adoring parents presented him to the world via Twitter a few days later.


For all first-time mothers, caring for a baby is a totally unique experience. And, for Bethany, well… ”Motherhood with one arm, I kind of think about it. I kind of forget I have one arm, a squirming baby and changing diapers and just me could be really challenging,” she said without hesitation. “But I think how I live life now. I just adjust and adapt to different things and I'll find my own ways to take care of the baby.”

Bethany Hamilton pregnantBethany and her baby bump surfing
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Far from curtailing her athletic, outdoor lifestyle, the pregnant 25-year-old continued to surf as long as she could and even caused a bit of a social media stir when she uploaded a pic of herself and her bump riding the waves.

Towards the end of her pregnancy, however, she did limit her sports activities to swimming and hiking.

Perhaps this early introduction to the ocean will make Bethany Hamilton’s baby - little Tobias - a natural-born water babe and he'll  become a next generation surfing champion. What do you think? A couple of years from now, we may have the answer!


In recent months, and throughout her pregnancy, Bethany has been filming the biopic “Surf Like A Girl” with filmmaker Aaron Lieber. As soon as we get further details as well as a possible release date, we will pass this information along.

So, please stay connected to get the very latest about this truly remarkable young person and other personalities who are making a difference in the lives of so many sick children, and visit our Celebrities Make Wishes Come True For Make A Wish Kids page.

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