Welcome to a world, our world, of gift ideas for her and the wonderful opportunities it offers to give and give back, and show how being different can make a very big difference.

We are unique because our inspirational gifts are unique!
We design and make one-of-a-kind glass pendants.
We raise funds and awareness for charity.
And, we offer helpful suggestions on the art of gift giving.

Here we reveal our mission and point out how a small and totally unique, personal piece of wearable art can contribute to the big picture and help so many causes close to our hearts.

“Life is a gift, and it offers us the privilege, opportunity,

and responsibility to give something back by becoming more.”

Anthony Robbins, American self-help author and

motivational speaker.

Glass heart pendants benefit American Heart Association
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A Cluster of Hearts


It all begins with a concept which develops in a few carefully planned steps to reach the goal: help a cause. It is part of our slogan, right underneath our logo, and reads…"every pendant, every time, helps a cause.”

Choose a Charity. With so many worthy causes out there, it wasn’t easy choosing just four to launch this site with gift ideas just for her. They are diverse and touch aspects relating to health, animals, children and the environment.

American Heart Association

No Kill Advocacy Center

Make-A-Wish Foundation

The Nature Conservancy

To protect your heart we share highlights from the American Heart Association on the causes of cardiovascular diseases and how to prevent them.
Wish granting through the Make a Wish Foundation gives hope to children with life-threatening medical conditions. Read the story of the very first wish kid.

We help animals that are homeless and adoptable from being destroyed because No Kill Advocacy Center is turning shelters from high kill to high save.

Saving the planet by supporting the actions of the Nature Conservancy will help protect the lands and waters on which all life depends.

In the left hand column you can click on the appropriate links under the Help A Cause heading.

Gift ideas for cat lovers benefit No Kill Advocacy Center
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Kitty Tails in a Cluster


Because we believe in providing great up-to-date, quality information, new pages about topics related directly to the work of these non-profit organizations are constantly being added. Currently you can read about matters such as leukemia in children, saving the Arctic, no kill animal shelters, heart attack signs, and much more.

You Can Help Us Grow.   
The exciting part is that, as we continue to grow, more non-profit organizations will benefit.

For example, we have just reached out to Alley Cat Allies, an exemplary national organization that is involved in all aspects of feral and domesticated cat welfare. At present, this activity is being conducted across several social media platforms and we look forward to including this non-profit on our website in the very near future.

Nature themed gifts benefit the Nature Conservancy

Nature in Glass


Has it ever happened to you that a special occasion is just around the corner and you have no idea what to get her? Well, we specialize in gift ideas for her, from a teen to a grandma, a family member, a friend…and offer helpful suggestions on the art of gift giving so you can make really good choices.

Our mini-series grouped under the title Occasions To Give does just that, and guides you with questions, thoughts and tips to assist you in the decision process. We have chosen specific important dates on your calendar such as birthdays, Valentines Day, Mothers Day, graduations, gifts for the teacher and, last but by no means least, Christmas. Take a look and get inspired!


Since glass is the medium for each fundraising inspirational pendant gift, we decided to include a section that follows the history of glass making as well a brief outline of the different techniques used for our handcrafted designer pieces. There are pages dedicated to dichroic glass and fused glass, with more to follow soon.

Our inspirational gifts benefit many different causesWhen the Humane Society of Tampa Bay held its first ever Woofstock fundraiser, we were there to support one of our very worthy local non-profits


For the purpose of fulfilling our mission to support the above charities, we picked a theme that connects to the work being done by each one. The result is a collection of unique pendant gifts for women that are truly different and available only on this site.

Variations on the heart theme were an obvious choice for the American Heart Association. Visit our Pendants Pop Hearts page.

Funky-colored dog paw prints and kitty tails as well as images that are a lookalike representation of dog breed groups or mixed breed dogs were chosen for No Kill Advocacy Center. Visit our Pendants Pop Dogs 1, Dogs 2 and Cats pages.

Stars appear on the logo of Make A Wish Foundation, so we made the connection through the starry skies of the universe. Visit our Pendants Pop Stars page.

In view of the fact that the Nature Conservancy is all about life on land and at sea, our first two creations feature a vine leaf and a seashell. Visit our Pendants Pop Nature page.

Commissioned Work. If you are having a private or corporate fundraising event, we will work with you to create an exclusive, limited edition, commissioned item just for that particular occasion. We will be honored to help make it a resounding success!


We recently added a News Flash section to our site which we have called UpToDate because news changes in seconds and we have plenty of it to share. Here, you’ll get updates on every gift ideas for her topic we cover.


Pick a Pendant. The pendants that make up our portfolio are exclusive to us. We designed them and in turn they were handmade by highly skilled glass artists in the USA. Each piece of jewelry is an expression of beauty, style and inspiration. It is a single thread that brings together the aspirations of many.

Stop to Shop.
To view all of the pendants together on a single page, please visit our Gift Catalog.

Our slogan is:every pendant, every time, helps a cause.”
We hope you will be inspired.

“The parcel arrived all this way in just over a week, in perfect condition. We are thrilled with the pendants, so beautiful. I gave the heart to Mother who adores it. Can’t wait till I give the cat tail one to my daughter Clodagh who is cat crazy—has a tabby and a lilac Burmese. The packaging was beautifully done. Adored the little notes saying which charities would be receiving the donations. They are lovely!"

Joanna, Perth, Western Australia

"Stars Bring Light" glass pendant to benefit Make-a-Wish

"Stars Bring Hope" glass pendant to benefit Make-a-Wish

Large doggy lookalike glass pendant, a unique dog breed gift

Dog Breed, Large glass pendant to benefit No Kill Advocacy Center

Small doggy lookalike glass pendant, a unique dog breed gift

Dog Breed, Small glass pendant to benefit No Kill Advocacy Center

All of our glass paw print pendants are one-of-a-kind

Paw Print Pendants for dog lovers benefit No Kill Advocacy Center